Horoscope january 1 capricorn or capricorn

So am I! The Moon, a personal planet which represents your day-to-day affairs, teams up with Neptune and Pluto, which symbolise your life as a whole. Consider any option available.

Even the most unlikely ideas could help open new doors. Now that you have stunned colleagues into silence by your dramatic show of inspiration and energy, you must be magnanimous. Generosity in victory is a trait which will be much admired. On the other hand, you are entitled to give yourself a pat on the back — even if nobody else does! Just remember that those old planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are as likely to bring joy and satisfaction as problems and self-doubt.

Now that the planetary alignments are so positive, please try to emphasise the former qualities at the expense of the latter: believe in yourself! Venus and Mercury are still sending sensational messages to your sign, guaranteeing that ideas will be flowing thick and fast.

Allow thoughts about your long-term future to dictate much-needed decisions at work. You must now ask yourself if it matters one jot what other people say, think or do?

Capricorn Decans

It seems that your main problem has been in convincing a partner or colleague that change is both overdue and necessary. There is a better than average chance that people will now agree with you, at least as far as your financial proposals are concerned. Teamwork is the key for the next two weeks, even if you find it hard to break out of your normally secretive state of mind. If you are to secure help and assistance you must share your plans and proposals. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Make no mistake about it. Look at you!

You keep redesigning yourself, and it is awesome. The beauty you own comes from within.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

However, you tend to see things through rose-colored glasses mainly due to your independent nature and exceptional autonomy. The future of person who born on 1 January will be awesome provided they keep at it. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! There is good news for people with their birthday today on January 1st.

Pluto is in motion as well. This says your struggles will not have been in vain.

Yes, finally a reward comes in a major way. You could fill any shoes with all the qualities the Capricorn naturally possesses. It is quite possible to achieve a role in life that is unsurpassed by even your wildest dreams. January 1 zodiac asks you to surround yourself with those that you wish to become and the shoes you fill could be some prominent ones.

Get out there, Capricorn, and make some new connections.

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Money, power, and respect can be all yours. What Color Matches Your Personality?

Daily horoscope for January 1 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

Try The Quiz Now!! Do you think about love? Well, if today is your birthday, then it is in the air for you. You have to be high enough to catch it. Release some of that stress and allow yourself to fly free.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Capricorn

It is what you want anyway. Your excitable mind-set will seal the deal on some relationship questions. You will feel like a kid again complete with stomach butterflies and goo-goo eyes. Test Now!

Capricorn Decans

With all these good qualities, I do not want to come across as saying that the January 1 Capricorn are perfect because they are not. The flaws are apparent fears of loss or failure. Now is the time to take some risks but avoid aiming so high that you set yourself up for disenchantment. Start with small aspirations so you can work your way up.

Do not forget your dreams and goals on the way. Yes, life has a few bumps in it for people born on a Capricorn birthday , but you have to get over it when things do not measure up to your ideals.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Be careful not to become angry or impulsive because the outcome is that you become reclusive. Use your disciplinary skills, and you should come out on top this year. Find What Your Star Sign Is Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

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