Horoscope for friday december 17 2019

Taking the reality as far as it can go in its present state, Sunday through Wednesday marks a time line, deadline, or finish line of significance. Endings and beginnings are intertwined.


Once an objective or goal post, halt or stop has been reached, the stars immediately head on to a next phase or chapter. A potential solidifies and proves its worth. Drawing extra turbo from powerhouse Pluto, the eclipse can be formidable in terms of tearing down that which inhibits necessary change. What is meant to end, will. What is meant to overtake and succeed will continue to gain steam.

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What is swept away makes room for opportunity. Aries March 20 - April It could be news, an opportunity lucrative, romantic, or of the heart , or a sudden insight or creative-genius spark. The duo can set a trend or a domino into play. Regarding your career, personal life, or a family member, Sunday through Wednesday can transform your reality in some life-altering and long-term way. Taurus April 20 - May Provoked, liberated, or inspired—expect to hit go, perhaps unexpectedly so. The transit releases pent-up emotions and jettisons you past the jam-up.

Whether chosen or forced by circumstance, there is no turning back now. Gemini May 21 - June Thursday puts you in the know or puts it out in the open.

Your daily horoscope: December 17

Quick on the ball and on the fast track is the best way to play it through the weekend. Cancer June 21 - July This next week marks a turning point and karmic threshold-crossing of significance. The process is one that transforms your consciousness and your reality in some life-altering way. Leo July 22 - August A break or a vacation is well timed. On a bigger-picture note, Thursday to Saturday thrusts you into fresh territory regarding feeling and thinking. A special someone gains attention now too. Reevaluation is necessary. Change is inevitable; there is a right time and karmic time for everything.

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Virgo August 23 - September Almost there, almost finished, almost ready. The process has been a slow go; perhaps there has been a significant holdup, too. You can and you will get ahead of it! Libra September 23 - October Thursday thrusts the action into high gear, perhaps unexpectedly so.

What ends, solidifies, or is seeded now signals the start of so much more to come. Next Thursday is especially opportune. Scorpio October 23 - November Ready for a break? Tonight: Hang out. You could be overwhelmed by the ground you have to cover. You might want to ask a friend or associate to pitch in and make the situation flow. You could be surprised by your own response. Tonight: Get as much R and R as possible. Your creativity flourishes. If you hit a roadblock, listen to what is being said.

Consider an alternative route to get where you want.

Understand what is happening with a friend or loved one. Tonight: Touch base with a friend. Check out a comment from a family member.

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You might want to discard it, but you won't. You know there is a grain of truth here that needs to be looked at. Do just that.

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Take the lead at work. Tonight: A must appearance. You have a lot to say and share. You could be overwhelmed by all that is happening. People call, and you have a substantial number of emails to answer.

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Someone knocks at your door. The topics could range anywhere from work to a party that is occurring this weekend. Your spending could easily be out of whack. Today is no exception. You might have a justification or solution. You might wonder about a partner who knows how to shake you up. He or she wants you to take a hard look at a pattern. Tonight: All smiles. Beam in what you want. You are the only person who could stop yourself. Recognize what is happening around you.

Claim your power, though a partner could cause a problem out of the blue. Tonight: Express your caring.

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  4. You will want to read in between the lines. You will also want to know what is not being said. Say less and listen more.

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    Choose your questions carefully. You have had some unexpected news. Tonight: Put on your dancing shoes. A friend has a way of causing you to overthink or become too concerned. You like opening up, but the timing might not be on target as far as you can see.